Our principal offering, the ONEworks™’ sports betting platform is a proven, robust system offering an extensive range of events, bet types and multiple odds, offerings and languages. Written in 2.0, it also offers a powerful, fully-featured back end, can be tailored for either the Asian or International marketplace, and is even being developed for a range of betting shop terminals.
Events Creation and Pricing
In conjunction with dedicated solution providers, ONEworks™ offers an extremely competitive turnkey solution with auto-event creation in over 40 sporting sectors and event pricing with multiple bet types.
XML Event and Price Feeds
In conjunction with the sportsbook platform, ONEworks™ offers a variety of two-way pricing and betting feeds for both marketing purposes and very selective sportsbook operators.
Flexible Customisation Options
We understand the different needs of our customers and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver cost effective solutions in a timely manner. The ONEbook℠ platform offers a significant number of customisable features and display options allowing licensees to create their ideal platform either as a standalone sports offering or integrated with their other products.
In-play Events and Betting Liquidity
ONEworks™, via its dedicated solution providers, offers one of the largest, if not the largest selection of in-play events to its licensees. In a typical mid-season month, an operator can offer its customers more than 100 soccer leagues with more than 5,000 in-play events and 13,000 in-play markets per month. Outside of soccer, a further 2,500 in-play events and 15,000 in-play markets are available on a monthly basis with more in-play markets established during periodic/seasonal events such as the Olympics, Winter Olympics, and the cricket, rugby, and soccer world cups.

Only by leveraging an enormous pool of betting liquidity, fueled at peak times by tens of thousands of concurrent bettors, managed by expert trading teams of some 700 traders, would it be possible for a gaming company to have an in-play betting offering with thousands of in-play events, competitive pricing and allowing far larger than normal bets to be placed at any one price. ONEworks™’ licensees benefit from exactly this advantage.9 11 Advanced technology meets human instinct. Whilst other providers only offer automated sportsbooks, we have more than 700 experienced traders, working 24/7, monitoring up to hundreds of live events at any one time complemented by an extensively developed, proprietary algorithm.
Single Wallet
Single wallet simplifies the process for customer user experience. ONEcasino is using solely on ONEbook wallet, in another word, after customer transfers funds to ONEbook sportsbook wallet then customer is good to go to play ONEcasino games. There will be no troublesome procedures for customer to transferring back and forth into different wallet in order to play specific games.
Sports Currently Offered
The listed sports opposite are currently offered and, subject to licensee requirements, further sports can be added on request.
Soccer Diving Snooker
American Football Entertainment Squash
Baseball Equestrian Swimming
Basketball Field Hockey Table Tennis
Archery Golf Tennis
Badminton Gymnastics Volleyball
Boxing Water Polo Canoeing
Ice Hockey Weight lifting Cricket
Mixed Martial Arts Winter Sports Darts
Motorsports E-Sports
Seasonal Events
Summer Olympics Winter Olympics Rugby World Cup
Odds Format
At the current time, ONEworks™ offers the following odds
  • American odds
  • UK (fractions)
  • Decimal
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian
Language Options
Languages currently offered include
  • English
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Greek
  • Polish
  • Spanish
Asian Format Sportsbook Platform
For International operators looking to expand their brands into Asia, ONEworks™ offers a fully hosted turnkey solution via certified third party solution providers the look and feel are adapted to an operator’s particular brand (or a new brand) with all functionality, bet types and back end tools required by the Asian marketplace immediately implemented and available. Combining an internationally recognized brand with a product that offers the same range of in-play events offered by Asia’s main sportsbooks, ensures a far greater chance of success in the world’s largest and fastest growing online betting market.

Product features that are common to both the Asian formatted platform and International platform include: – Admin User Access (User groups with specific access available) – Risk Management Tools– Extensive Reporting Tools– Player Administration Tools– Event and Product controls– Wallet Integration.
China Format Sportsbook Platform
China format is a completely new designed platform which emphasized on the China market. It’s particularly fine-tuned the user experience in favors of Northern China market
International Format Sportsbook Platform
ONEworks™ also provide an international format platform. In addition to the features mentioned above, enhancements have been made to better serve the European and international marketplace.
Other Products
  • E-Sports betting on competitive video game is the fastest growing sector in sports betting which is very popular with a new sub-market of millennials.
  • ONEcasino offers over 85 games which support the latest features such as multiple game variants and bonus rounds.
    All the games are coming with high definition audio and video interface combining with atmospheric lighting and master control programs. ONEcasino content is available for wide range of languages and currencies to ensure unrestricted market accessibility
  • Virtual sports are computer-generated matches which includes soccer, horse racing, greyhounds, speedway, motorsports, cycling and tennis.
  • Keno is played with 20 balls drawn randomly resulting from 80 numbered balls (01 to 80). The combination of these 20 numbers is divided and segregated into several variations and different kinds of bet type.
  • Bet Aggregator is a risk mitigating service that helps our customers to better deal with pro punters and to achieve a profitable operation.
  • The ONEbook℠ platform is already integrated with multiple third party service vendors and statistical data providers. Licensees will need to enter into direct agreement with the relevant providers with the peace of mind that technical integration is already in place.
ONEworks™ typically charges a low integration fee with ongoing monthly fees based on gross win for licensing its software and pricing solutions. Please contact our account manager at [email protected] for further details.

Mobile solution ONEworks™ offers a mobile betting interface which is based on html5, currently available for the iPhone™, Android™ and other smartphones for Sportsbooks platform and Number Game. More products will integrate to mobile betting interface in the near future.
Software Innovation, Development and Maintenance
ONEworks™ is constantly upgrading and updating its core ONEbook℠ platform and ancilliary services and Licensees will automatically benefit (at no additional charge) from such enhancements.

ONEworks™ maintains dedicated 24/7 technical support and customer support teams to ensure Licensee requirements are met at all times. Licensees also receive timely notices for any scheduled maintenance or system upgrades and Customer Support teams are also in place to assist with void bets, game suspensions, incorrect odds being displayed or customer disputes.
Initial System design and Integration
We believe a key element of ONEworks' services is the ability to assist a potential Licensee in identifying the most appropriate software and levels of services to maximize revenues and business benefits. Our team of experienced industry veterans can further examine your overall gaming business as well as specific sportsbook areas to determine how sports can best be implemented or integrated.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and systematic integrations and product launches and ensure that from the moment a customer engages our services, the entire ONEworks™ process is fully communicated at all times.
Security and system integrity lie at the core of the ONEworks™ platform and are present throughout the physical infrastructure of the system as well as its underlying user elements. Designed and built to the highest internationally recognized standards applicable to IT systems of this nature, ONEworks™ utilizes a mixture of software, hardware and procedural guidelines to protect its sportsbook systems - and underlying customer betting data - from intrusion or unforeseen events.

ONEworks™ also respects and understands the issues of player confidentiality. Therefore we do not require any player particulars and usually create a unique identifier for each licensee's customers that link back to the player details database on the operator side.